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Racing Sweater Death Rider

Racing Sweater Death Rider
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Racing Sweater Death Rider


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Racing Sweater Death Rider

Manufactured from finest cotton and beautified with a detailed embroidery, this sweater is definitely not only for Hotrod fans! It will keep you warm and delight your winter days because it's so comfortable - nearly to good to be true... That is no surprise - the death rider needs to be involved! Do you dare to wear this devilish piece?

50s club sweater with a cool skull design in subtle color combination.

You always face certain death, have one foot in a grave and the other one on the accelerator. Love the risk, not afraid of the danger and even not worried about the challenging hazards of the streets. Safety and hesitation are completely unknown along the road - the only thing that's lying in front of you is the adventure, just like a wonderful sunrise - or like hell's gate! But that doesn't matter because the Death Rider is ready for both.

Knitted very tightly is this racing sweater particularly voluminous because of its excellent workmanship. Inspired by the Classic Racing Club Sweaters of the 40s and early 50s and therefore equipped with a zipper on the collar which can be converted into a turtleneck. With extra long cuffs at the sleeves that can be worn rolled up or as gloves - especially by using the, for this purpose designed, thumb holes. The bolt stripes on the sleeves are coming in contrasting mottled grey. The back is awesomely decorated with an elaborated embroidery which is perfectly complemented with the small one on the front. All in all, just a cool sweater for real men - promise, you will never want to wear something else after you have worn it for the first time...

The Rumble59 Racing Sweater "Death Rider" at a glance:

  • Material: cotton
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Color: black, grey
  • Pattern: other
  • Elaborated embroidery on the back side
  • Small embroidery on the front side
  • Available in sizes S-3XL: Please check our size chart for the perfect size.
History of racing sweaters:
The racing sweater has its origin in the 20s and were very popular up until far into the 50s. Wide collars, very high cuffs till waist and a thumb hole on the sleeves - this is what the first racing sweater looked like. The collar could be closed with a zipper that ended approx. at chest-height, so that the neck was able to be covered compeletely. Provided a very warming wearing and was especially suitable and worn at motorcycle racings - this is why the sweaters are nowadyas known as 'racing sweaters'. Already during the interwar period did the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) organize the so-called 'Gipsy Runs'. These events were different kinds of competitions, freestyle disciplines or hill climbings. At that time, racing sweaters were offered in a wide range of colors and served as a platform for promoting of clubs, sponsors or companies at these events. This was the hour of birth of the racing club sweater! Finally the racing sweaters found an enormous popularity for several clubs in the postwar period. For a clear identification every member owned a sweater with his name on front and the club logo at the back.

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