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Suspenders Colour combination black

Suspenders Colour combination black Suspenders Colour combination black Suspenders Colour combination black Suspenders Colour combination black Suspenders Colour combination black
Suspenders Colour combination black Suspenders Colour combination black Suspenders Colour combination black Suspenders Colour combination black Suspenders Colour combination black
Suspenders Colour combination black
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Suspenders Colour combination black


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Weten of jouw maat leverbaar is ? En wanneer ? Vragen is vrij, we kijken snel of we je maat kunnen na-bestellen.

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Your belt decoratively keeps the hood of your Model A in place and now your trousers slide down to your knees every time you boogie? These comfortable suspenders will provide remedy for your distress and at the same time they are extraordinarily good-looking. Join the ranks of honourable gentleman and crooks - all of them genuine men from the good old days, that knew how to dress perfectly. Do the same, my hip swinging friend!

Bicolored suspenders for the authentic completion of your vintage outfit.

With these authentic suspenders you are making the right statement, refering back to more elegant times. Traditionally they have a Y-shaped back and can be fastened with buttons to the fitting pants. The classic color combination of black/white is paired with real leather, that is embellished with a logo embossing. The wide and robust suspenders suit elegant pants best, but can also be paired with heavy denims by Rumble59 and won't wear out. Authentically packed and delivered in a cool wooden box.

The convincing details at a glance:

  • Composition: 91% Polyester 19% Spandex
  • Color: black/white
  • Width: 3,5 cm
  • max. legth (unstretched): approx. 117 cm (measured from buttonhole to buttonhole)
  • Details: with buttonholes, real leather patches with used look, logo embossings
  • Gimmick: delivered in a cool wooden box
  • Attention: For leather being a natural material there may appear color differences.

Rumble59 offers cool and useful accessories for lovers of the Rock'n'Roll Style! These authentic suspenders in black/white are equally cool as useful.

Background information suspenders:
Suspenders used to be called "trouser lifters". They consist of straps or ribbons that are placed over the shoulder and attached to the waistband at the front and back. The basic idea was to prevent the trousers from slipping so that the waistband remains in the correct position - the waist height. Already in 1736 the diplomat and publisher Benjamin Franklin introduced the braces at the fire department uniform in Philadelphia. At that time it was claimed that he had copied the idea from the gallows. At the time of the French Revolution braces found their way into France known as "Bretelles". It is said that Napoleon liked to wear them decorated with honey bees, which stood as a symbol for his Corsican origin. The Dutch name for braces "Bretels" has its origin in the French word. From 1850 on, braces were most often worn with a Y-shaped back. Previously, it was mainly X- or H-shaped backs that were worn. At that time, braces were fastened to trousers with buttons. In 1897 an American invented a metal clip with which the suspenders could be clipped to the waistband. Although G.C. Hale did not invent braces, he applied for a patent in 1885 for braces with a Y-shaped back. At the beginning of the 20th century, braces were part of the clothing of workers, who were not necessarily regarded as trendsetters then or now. However, the workers also wore suspenders primarily because of their practicality, since - unlike belts - they did not constrict the waist when bending down. The fine society, on the other hand, wore tailor-made suits and at that time hid their braces under their jackets. In the course of time, for fashionable reasons, this class of society began to wear belts, but in the 1950s, braces remained a popular item of clothing with jeans or chinos. Film and series classics such as "The Waltons", "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" or "The Sting" vividly show the classic combination of shirt and loosely cut trousers, which are held in the perfect position with suspenders. 

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