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Bretels colour combination beige or brown

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Suspenders colour combination beige or brown

These fantastic suspenders with real leather patches are the perfect fashionable reference to more elegant times! Combined to denim or chinos: Absolutely a Must-Have!

Whether it was Paul Newman as "Henry Gondorff" in "The Sting", George Clooney als Ulysses Everett McGill in "Oh Brother, Where Are Thou" or Al Capone's Gang - These honorable gentlemen always knew how to dress with class.
Not only during a tricky heist, an adventurous escape or when participating in a Mob-war - and certainley not only in Chicago's back alleys!

With these authentic suspenders you'll give the right statement to refer to the good, old times. The classic colour combinations are joined with real leather which is decorated with logo embossings.
Traditionally these suspenders do have a Y-shaped backpart and could be fixed at matching pants with buttons. Each one comes in a cool wooden box.

The convincing details at a glance:

  • Composition: 91% Polyester 19% Spandex
  • available in two colour combinations
  • Colour: beige/ green/ red or brown/ green/ red
  • Width: 3 cm
  • max. length (unstretched): approx. 117 cm (measured from buttonhole to buttonhole)
  • Details: with buttonholes, real leather patches with used look, logo embossings
  • Gimmick: delivered in a cool wooden box
  • Attention: For leather being a natural material there may appear colour differences.
Backgroundinfos Suspenders:
Supsenders were formerly called "pants elevator". They consist of straps or bands which are set over the shoulder and fixed at waistband of trousers at front and back. The basic idea was to avoid the slipping of pants - The waistband should stay in the perfect position: The waist.
Already 1736 the diplomat and publisher Benjamin Franklin introduced suspenders at the uniform of Philadelphias' fire service. At that time many mantained that he adopted this idea from the gibbet.
At the time of the French Revolution the suspenders found a way to France. They were called "Bretelles". It is claimed that Napoleon loved to wear supspenders which were decorated with honeybees, which were a symbol for his origin from Corsica. The Dutch name for suspenders "Bretels" finds his origin from the French word.
From 1850 the most popular supspenders had a Y-shaped backpart. Before that time it mostly has been X- and H-shaped and suspenders were fixed with buttons at trousers. 1897 an American invented metallic clips to fix the suspenders more easily at waistband. Although G.C. Hale hasn't invented suspenders with Y-shaped backpart he applied for a patent in 1885.
Suspenders have been a part of the clothing of the labouring man at the beginning of the 20th century. Just like today the working man haven't been denounced as trendsetters, but indeed they have worn suspenders because of its usefulness primarily: Different from belts suspenders didn't constrict at waist while stooping. In contrast "upper class" has worn tailor-made suits and has hidden the suspenders below the jackets. In the course of time this social class has started to wear belts in case of fashionable reasons.
Suspenders stayed popular in the 50s - especially combinded to denim and chinos. The colours were mostly muted - Just like the Dandys back then the stronger sex prevented the dignity of understatement.
Classics of movies and TV series like "Die Waltens", "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou"or "The Sting " depict the authentic combination with shirt and loose-fit pants, which were hold in the perfect position with supsenders.

These Suspenders by Rumble59 combine quality, design and nostalgia.

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€ 48,95
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