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Stainless Steel Ring Rockabilly Skull

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Stainless Steel Ring Rockabilly Skull

Stainless Steel Ring Rockabilly Skull

€ 29,95 € 24,95

Stainless Steel Ring Rockabilly Skull

Since the early SUN Records days, since "Hey Porter" and since "Rock the Joint" Rockabilly has been around and delivers hymns for all Teenage Rebels, Greasers and Outlaws. Sometimes popular, sometimes just Underground, but always one of the most honest styles that Music has ever bred. Crossing all borders of age, gender and culture worldwide. Rockabilly was never dead and will never die!

Stainless steel could be worked in every shape - This ring shows how very filigreely it could be. A wax mold of this ring is worked in the first step - handmade and in finest definition. That's why the final version from stainless steel gleams just as detailed - to the minutest details. This cool and significant design is elaborated and has a satin brush-finish as well as a used look.

These are the convincing details of the ring Rockabilly Skull at glance:

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Colour: silver in used-look
  • Available in 9 sizes

Stainless Steel instead of silver? YES, because:

  • more hygienic
  • no oxidation
  • Easy to clean! no special silver-cleaings necessary
  • Better compatibility for allergy sufferers; nickel free!

Get this cool ring now! Envious looks are guaranteed!

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